For some, hosting a major event is part of their normal operations and RSH is here to help with specific aspects unique to hosting that event in Richmond. For others, it may be a bit more of a daunting task and the RSH staff are here to help you navigate through all the steps.

This step by step guide will provide information on the key areas of planning an event in Richmond. It is not an exhaustive list so if you have questions on any area that is not covered below, please be sure to contact the RSH office or fill out an Event Request Form.

  • Bid Creation and Submission

    As a local Richmond or BC based group, you have decided there is an amazing event that another organization owns the rights to and you need to submit a bid to try and win the opportunity to act as a host. Chances are you will be competing with groups who will be submitting a polished bid book that puts your word processing skills to shame. Your bid book demonstrates your ability to the event owner to organize the event to the level they expect – first impressions do count!

    • RSH can work with you to develop the necessary sport and event specific information to design professional electronic and print (if required) bid books outlining all the pertinent facts that experience has shown is needed. We will highlight your group and tell the tale of how you will organize an amazing event, that the participants will have an exceptional time in Richmond all while playing in a world class environment.
  • Site Selection

    Your ability to secure the best venue and accommodation sites will be critical to the success of your event. These two aspects are almost always the most expensive line items of your budget. They are also the places the event participants will spend the most time at and will go a long way in determining their level of satisfaction.

    • RSH has close relationships with facilities across Richmond, often with access to discounted rental costs. As well, with an internal system in place, in one click we can request information from all 24 brand name hotels in the City and will package all the proposals together with a summary for you to review. Let us do the work for you!
  • Site Visits

    Either during a bid process or during the lead up to a large event, the event owner will often wish to visit Richmond and receive tours, meet specific venue/hotel personnel or gain a first-hand impression of the area. Most event organizers know everything to say about their sport, but don’t always know about the rest of the general logistical information they may ask.

    • RSH can work with event organizers to create an itinerary, set meetings with key personnel, arrange for site visits at the venue and hotel, and ensure the overall impression reaches an elite level. We can also provide an additional voice to help “sell” Richmond and your group as the best choice.
  • Social Media

    Whether your group has a full time social media person on staff or you aren’t exactly sure what a hashtag is, the ability to promote and report from events through social media quickly becoming a required element.

    • RSH has established a strong Twitter and Facebook presence and are happy to help promote your event alongside your efforts. We also have access to volunteers who, while may not be experts or professionals in the field, are social savvy and could potentially be able to assist events onsite.
  • Logistical elements

    The biggest piece of any event is juggling all the logistics! Depending on the scale of the event or the typical expectations of your sport, your organizing committee will have a lot of details to set in place. From the initial phase of critical path development through to the closing ceremony, you may encounter a few items you need some guidance on or recommendations for.

    • RSH has established relationships with businesses that offer options to assist with many areas of events. As well, our staff have extensive experience organizing events and can provide assistance along the way should you need guidance or just want someone to brainstorm with.
  • Plan for legacy

    All organizing committees should include a consideration of how their event can be used to better their community – in general or sport specific. Equipment, financial support, coaching clinics, and volunteer development are all examples of potential legacies that can be considered.

    • RSH can work with you to develop ideas for potential legacy components that could fit within the scale and focus of your event. This component is also an element of consideration for determining the level of support in the Richmond Sport Hosting Incentive Grant Program.
  • Apply for grants

    Financial support is often available from a number of sources, but if you are not regularly organizing events, you may not have knowledge of what is available. To make things harder, seasoned or novice organizer alike, the “what” to write in grant applications is often an unknown and yet plays a vital role in if you are approved and the amount you receive if you are.

    • The RSH office oversees the distribution of the Richmond Sport Hosting Incentive Grant Program – more information can be found here. As a start to determining other options for grants available to typical sport events, viaSport British Columbia administrates a number of other grants. You can find this list here.
  • Add Cultural elements to your program

    Cultural components are quite common in sport events – you may just not recognize that’s what it is! An opening, closing or awards ceremony already fits into this category. Award banquets, inviting a youth athlete to enter in with a team, or bringing in a local cheer or lion dancer can elevate this area of your event.

    • RSH has contacts within a number of organizations that can help add a bit of spice to the cultural side of your event. From dancers to live entertainment to flowers, we can put you in contact with some amazingly talented local people.
  • Build an Experience

    Most event participants want to find something to do other than simply take part in the tournament or meeting that brought them to a city. Richmond is a city full of opportunity all year round!

    • RSH can work with event organizers to provide information on “Things to Do While in Richmond” customized to the time of year, cultural emphasis and even the anticipated length of time your participants will have to enjoy their surroundings.