Richmond Sport Hosting is proud to be an active member of the City of Richmond Sustainable Event program. With a greater emphasis now being put on the ability for event organizers to show they are planning to incorporate sustainable event practices into their events, this is an area that is becoming more of a requirement than previously. While most are now somewhat versed in “green” practices, there are many other elements that are part of the overall sustainable event practices you can employ. As a result, Richmond has joined with the Swiss based International Academy of Sport Science Technology (AISTS) to create a number of tools and resources directly for event organizers hosting in Richmond. It is our hope that not only will you have a resource to turn to as you plan for this area of your event, but there are aspects that either the City of Richmond or other partners may be able to provide support.

As a starting point, you can find the 7 Step Quick Guide and Toolkit on the City of Richmond’s Sustainable Event website found here.

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