At the outset of 2016, Richmond City Council approved a revised program for the Richmond Sport Hosting Incentive Grant Program. The changes were intended to allow more events to receive financial assistance and provide the event organizers more advance notice to maximize the funding. In 2016, fifty-three (53) grant applications from twenty-eight (28) different sports were approved for funding from the annual $100,000 grant fund.

Richmond’s grant program has been in existence since the office opened in 2009 and is seen as a vital piece of business operations. Our program is one of a very small number of sport event grants in Canada that offer financial assistance for meetings and conferences. With a number of brand name hotels offering a variety of meeting options in the city, including the newly opened Richmond Conference Centre, Richmond is quickly becoming a destination of choice for large meetings or clinics such as the Coaching Association of Canada’s Petro-Canada Sport Leadership sportif Conference that had a record number of attendees this year.

For more information on the grant program, click here. If you have any questions regarding the grant or any other potential means of financial assistance for your event, please contact Tanya Foley at

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